Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Setting up Transfer Manager on a New Station

Have a new station doing night utilities and download with night utilities.  Then you need Transfer Manager installed on that station.  Here are the steps on how to do that.
Download Transfer Manager from

Once the file is downloaded

Then you will need to double-click on it
  1. click on RUN
  2. NEXT
  3. FINISH (where it says C:\TM.NET Setup)
  4. NEXT
  5. YES – to the License Agreement
  6. BROWSE (this is the Choose destination location box)
  7. just change the C ( the drive letter ) to the letter that your Agency uses for your TAM network drive (such as G) G:\ivans\transman
  8. then click OK
  9. Then click on NEXT
  10. NEXT
  11. FINISH

Then you need to open up the Transfer  Application you just installed…

  1. Click on configuration
  2. Click on then support mode
  3. Click on Configuration
  4. Then Site settings
  5. Both of these need to be set at Internet
  6. Then you can close out of

There is a last step to this…

  1. Open TAM
  2. Go to Utilities
  3. Go to Company Interface Folder
  4. Go to Misc. Download Utilities
  5. Click on the black ARROW
  6. Click on the Transfer manager path Configuration
  7. You then need to select the CONTINUE Button
  8. Select the Use Directory Specified below Radio button option
  9. Then type the Path that you just installed the Transfermanager.Net to
  11. Then select the VER 3.1 or later, make sure this is checked
  12. Then click on OK


It is very important that the following Security setting be set on your download workstation:
Start, Settings, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Microsoft.NET Framework 1.1 Configuration, Click 1 time on the Runtime Security Policy, On the right you will then see Adjust Zone security, click NEXT, click on Local Intranet, Slide the security level up to Full trust, NEXT, FINISH. Then you can close out the .net configuration page, and the Admin Tools page as well.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Year 2029

I have been adding individual life policies to tam and have been setting the exp date 30 years ahead when the policy expires.

Had to call tam and find out why anything after 2029 kept setting back to 1929.
They said its a windows xp issue and microsoft has to fix it and probably wont since they dont want to support windows xp anymore.  They said it might work on vista or 7.

Edit: just tried it in Windows Vista and it doesnt work on Vista either dont have a 7 machine with Tam so cant try that yet. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Download Reminder

This one is really simple but the solution slipped my mind this morning.

Downloaded policy was going straight to history csr tried it 3x and they all went to history.

Called Applied and and it was the effective date on the policy billing screen and the effective date on the downloaded policy didnt match up.   Changed and requested new download.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately things have been running smoothly here.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Excel Exercies

Just had our chapter meeting and had Sue Good for Excel training. I highly recommend her.  We learned a lot about tam and excel.  Now we are going through and cleaning up our data. She even has up a macro that can help with reporting in excel.  Its on the ascnet website under education freebies.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stop the Presses

Or the printers that is.  Last night was our last night to print out follow up and exception reports from close day.
Why were we still printing them?  Probably because we always have.  Habits don't change unless someone questions why you do what you do.  So at Tencon in a paperless class someone said just don't print them. People see them on their tam front screen so why waste the paper.  You might have to go through and check that csr codes match op id's otherwise people may not see their activity on their front screen.  We have one csr who had that problem.  Applied is looking into it and should give me a call later today.  It wasnt as simple as changing the op id through utilities.

Let the quest for reducing paper continue!!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Went to the first day of TENCON today.  They announced TAM version 11 will be coming spring of next year.  They encouraged everyone to update to 10.3 as its very stable.  They are continuing to make stability improvements instead of new features.  They encouraged us to submit PMR's as they do read everyone and try to work them into the program.  I went to 3 classes today some better than others.  I will soon be writting about setting up benefits in tam 10.x. How to use the basics of benefits in tam to get all of your information in tam and help benefits to become paperless as well.  It may not be a perfect benefits solution but it will help to organize and unify the way benefits stores information.  If you havent been to a TENCON I highly recommend it its not a vacation at all but a bunch of very good information and so many classes to choose from that I wish I was 2 people.

More info soon.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Off to Tencon

I am off to my first Tencon.  So watch for exciting updates from Tencon.  When I get back and put into practice what I have learned there will be lots of new updates. 
I look forward to meeting some of you there.